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What's New

January, 20th, 2002 - Rachel available for download @

Rachel is now available for download at sourceforge. I also created a web site at third-party link where you can start all resource loading examples using Web Start as well.

December, 6th, 2001 - Luxor - Foundation of Vamp open-sourced

I open-sourced Luxor under the GNU Public License at third-party link. Luxor is an XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit in Java that is the foundation of all Vamp desktop apps.

November, 28th, 2001 - Vamp and Clio updated; Jess released

I released Jess - Single-Jar Self-Executing CD Installer for Web Start Beta 1.

Vamp Studio Beta 5

  • Vamp now includes browser-like bookmarks and a history.
  • Vamp no longer relies on localhost, but uses your computer's name instead.
  • Vamp now includes support for your own templates.
  • Vamp now includes 10+ built-in Java metal look and feel themes.
  • Vamp now includes a jnlp personal folder shortcut menu that allows subfolders as well.
  • Vamp now includes a system information page.
  • Vamp now displays the archive's content after creating web archives, client archives or java archives (aka Clio installers).
  • Vamp now includes Clio Beta 3 (see below) as it's default CD installer.
  • And much more

Clio Beta 3

  • Clio now includes a web server status page to let you track Web Start's upload progress.
  • Clio now allows you to use your own welcome page.
  • And much more
October, 31st, 2001 - Vamp, Clare and Celia updated; Alice and Pam released

I released Alice - App Central Beta 1 - and Pam - Package Manager Beta 1.

Vamp Studio Beta 4

  • Vamp now includes an improved download and upload manager.
  • Vamp now allows you to create client archives (.car) for turbo-charged offline installation directly into Web Start's cache that preserves whatever codebase the jnlp startup file specifies.
  • Vamp now includes a recent URL menu that collects your most recently opened URLs separated into JNLP descriptors and HTML pages.
  • Vamp now includes a summary page for a quick overview and in-depth understanding of the JNLP startup file's content.
  • Vamp now uses Clio as it default single-jar, self-contained, offline CD installer engine.
  • Vamp now supports Kunststoff L&F and Skin L&F's new Luna (Windows XP) theme.
  • Vamp now allows you to view your JNLP startup file as an XML document in an external browser.
  • And much more

Clare Beta 2

  • Clare now includes a tab that shows all files at once.
  • Clare now also includes a tab that lists all JNLP descriptors along with a detailed summary of the descriptor's contents.

Celia Beta 2

  • Celia now allows you to use relocatable web archives (.war) using $$codebase as its codebase in addition to Clio installer jars (.jar) and client archives (.car).
  • Celia now handles default http ports in the codebase correctly.
  • And much more
October, 9th, 2001 - Vamp moves to its own ad-free domain -

Vamp is now hosted under its own domain in addition to ad-free

To help you find what you want faster I also added a site map, a top 10 web pages box, a recent releases box and a new web pages box.

October, 8th, 2001 - Clio - CD App Installer for JNLP Beta 2 released

I reworked Vamp's built-in CD installer and Clio is now available as a standalone project.

October, 7th, 2001 - free JNLP Tag Reference released

I released the free JNLP Tag Reference. The JNLP Tag reference aims to be an all-in-one reference and is more than a rehash of the developer docu and jnlp spec. All JNLP tags are listed alphabetically with all possible attributes and real-world examples.

As usual the JNLP Tag Reference is a living, growing body of knowledge, not just a publish-and-forget-it static dead-tree document, help to improve it. Send your comments, suggestions or corrections to Your contributions are welcome.

October, 3rd, 2001 - free Resource Loading Tutorial and Rachel Open-Source Toolkit for Web Start/JNLP pdf booklet released

I finished the docbook conversion of the Resource Loading Tutorial and the Rachel Open-Source Resource Loading Toolkit User Documentation. Both documents are now available as a single pdf booklet download link for printing and offline consumption.

Vamp's pdf booklets are now also available through Yahoo! Briefcase for everyone.

September, 30th, 2001 - free Unofficial Web Start/JNLP FAQ pdf booklet released

I finally finished the docbook conversion and the Unofficial Java Web Start/JNLP FAQ is now available as a pdf booklet download link for printing and offline consumption.

The FAQ is a living, growing list of answers, not just a publish-and-forget-it static dead-tree booklet, help to improve it. Post your insights and corrections at Sun's Java Web Start/JNLP forum third-party link or mail them to Your contributions are welcome.

August, 15th, 2001 - Vanessa - Vamp's Multi-Schema Validator for JNLP released

Vanessa - Venus Application Publisher's Multi-Schema Validator for JNLP Beta 1 released

August, 8th, 2001 - Hazel - Vamp's JNLP to HTML converter released

Hazel - Venus Application Publisher's JNLP to HTML converter Beta 1 released

July, 23rd, 2001 - Clare - Vamp's Cache Explorer for Java Web Start released

Clare - Venus Application Publisher's Cache Explorer for Java Web Start Beta 1 released

July, 16th, 2001 - Unofficial Web Start/JNLP FAQ launched

I launched the unofficial Web Start/JNLP FAQ page to complement Sun's official FAQ page and publish information that Sun doesn't for whatever reason. I also wrote up a resource loading tutorial using a real-world example that you can launch on your very own desktop. I also started a os and arch value collection initiative. Your contributions are welcome.

July, 12th, 2001 - Java Web Start 2.0 Petition published

I have written up a petition listing new features that should be added to Java Web Start to make it fit for prime time. This is only a start, however, as I don't pretend to know-it-all. Your support and comments are welcome.

July, 9th, 2001 - Rachel Resource Loading Toolkit released

Vamp's open-source resource loading toolkit for Java Web Start (code-named Rachel) released under GPL. Rachel makes resource loading for Java Web Start apps easy again. There is no longer a need to use low-level, sub-atomic, complex method calls suchs as getClassLoader or getResource instead you can use the standard class to load resources from Java Archives.

July, 4th, 2001 - Venus Application Publisher Beta 3 released

Now you can open JNLP descriptors using URLs and package, for example, all resources for home delivery in Web Archives or CD installers that include a built-in web server. The new Open URL page also allows you to enter HTML links instead of JNLP links. If you enter a HTML link, Venus Application Publisher will scan the HTML page for JNLP links and display them in the Open URL page for easy single-click grabbing.

I also added a new command line tool called vampget that allows you to grab JNLP descriptors plus all resources from the web for repackaging. You can also feed HTML pages to vampget, vampget will then create a relocatable Web Archive for every single JNLP link in the page that you can drop in your personal web-server for offline consumption.

Drag and drop is now smarter. If you drop a file into Venus Application Publisher, Venus Application will check if an entry exists in the selected resources or information section and update it instead of always adding a new entry which might result in duplicates.

All temporary files created by Venus Application Publisher are now stored in the system's temporay directory. Under Windows this is usually c:/windows/temp, for example.

And more

June, 26th, 2001 - Vamp's Ant Task Suite Beta 1 released

Venus Application Publisher now includes support for Ant (a Java based build tool) to allow you to fully automate your build including signing and packaging your applications into relocatable Web Archives or creating CD installers.

June, 20th, 2001 - Venus Application Publisher Beta 2 released

Venus Application Publisher Beta 2 now includes support for CD installer creation and support for Sun's jnlp-servlet to create relocatable Web Archives (which is now the default). I also updated the Tomcat support to match the latest release. Venus Application Publisher now uses the new Tomcat Manager Application commands, that is install instead of deploy and remove instead of undeploy.

If you want to upload your application to Tomcat packaged in a Web Archive using Sun's jnlp-servlet you need at least Tomcat 4 Beta 2+. Previous versions of Tomcat 4.0 Beta 2 exposed the XML parser used by Jasper (the JAXP/1.1 reference implementation) to web applications. This is no longer the case in Beta 2+, because Jasper loads its parser with a new class loader instead and makes it now possible to use an XML parser (such as Xerces) in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your web application.

Due to a bug in Tomcat you have to change the context/path everytime you upload your Web Archive to Tomcat. For more information about this bug look at Tomcat's release notes.

June, 18th, 2001 - Venus Application Publisher Cache Utility for Java Web Start released

Venus Application Publisher Cache Utility for Java Web Start Beta 1 released

May, 27th, 2001 - Everything is New

Venus Application Publisher website launched and Venus Application Publisher Beta 1 released

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Alice - App Central for JNLP Beta 1
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Pam - Package Manager for Web Start Beta 1
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Clare - Cache Explorer for Web Start Beta 2
October 31, 2001 read more
Celia - Cache Utitility for Web Start Beta 2
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Vanessa - Multi-Schema Validator for JNLP Beta 1
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Hazel - JNLP to HTML converter (jnlp2html) Beta 1
August 8, 2001 read more
Angela - App Grabber for JNLP (vampget) Beta 1
July 4, 2001 read more
Serena - Ant Task Suite for JNLP Beta 1
June 26, 2001 read more

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