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Web Start Links

Note, this page has moved and now lives at Please click on the new address and update any bookmarks you might have.

Talk Slides, Presentations

Web Start Overview: Java's Comeback on the Desktop
JUG Austria, January 2002, Gerald Bauer

FAQs - Off-The-Shelf Answers, Collected Wisdom

Sun's Official Web Start FAQ
Personality-free answers from Sun.


The Saturn Times
Daily Web Start News From Around The Globe

Open-Source App Launcher Projects

100 % Java JNLP client; command line only; part of the Object Component Desktop (OCD); GNU General Public License (GPL); spearheaded by Jon A. Maxwell

Open-Source Web Start Projects

Test Skeleton Toolkit for Java Web Start; Launch Web Start Apps Without Web Start; GNU General Public License (GPL); spearheaded by Gerald Bauer

Resource Loading Toolkit for Java Web Start; Resource Loading Made Easy; GNU General Public License (GPL); spearheaded by Gerald Bauer

App Directories, Nirvana, Paradise, Cloud Seven

Categorized App Directory, New App Submission Form

Misc Links

Web Start @ Apple (Mac OS X)

Sun's Web Start Source

More Links - Computers : Programming : Languages : Java : Development Tools : Deployment : Java Web Start and JNLP
The Open Directory - the largest human-edited directory of the Web - sports a Web Start chapter. Twenty-two and counting.

Open-Source Project Bonaza Creek; Dig For Nuggets

Pick-Up Open-Source Projects At the Meat Market

All the tools to deliver rich, cross-plattform, zero-admin desktop apps built on open standards today Logo
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