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Gerald Bauer - Consulting, Training, Writing - Yes, I'm available

Consulting - Hire Me

If you need advice on how to Web Start-ize your application or on how to beef-up your Java apps by embedding a web-server, web-browser, template engine or portal engine in your desktop application, I'm the perfect candidate. If you want to use XUL to break the Swing lock-in and speed-up your Java application or if you need advice on architecting your enterprise or desktop applications or on improving your development process, I'm glad to help you.

I currently eat, work and sleep in Vancouver, British Columbia. If you want to hire me, please contact me at I offer reasonable rates.

Training, Seminars, Talks - In-House, On-Site, Hands-On - Web Start, XUL

I offer on-site training on Web Start and XUL (XML User Interface Language) in whatever format suits your needs best. Example:

  • Half-day or one-day fast-paced briefings packed with pratical advice, real-world examples and live demos.
  • Two or three day workshops with hands-on lab to try out what you've learned.

You can either choose a pre-built seminar or compose your very own by choosing the material that benefits you the most.

For pre-built talks/workshops see:

For composing your own seminar pick and choose from the material below:

Web Start/JNLP

  • Unofficial Web Start FAQ - Web Server Setup, Installation and Troubleshooting, , General, Resource Loading, JNLP Descriptors, Libraries (JSSE, JCE, JAAS, etc.), Security, Signing, Sandbox, Web Start Extensions, Tools, Links, and more
  • Resource Loading Tutorial
  • - ClassLoader, ResourceAnchor
  • Rachel third-party link - Open-Source Resource Loading Toolkit

Luxor/XUL (XML User Interface Language)

  • Luxor Notes third-party link - Chrome, Portals, Portlets, XulManager, Status Toolkit, Form Validation, Config Data, and More
  • Apache Velocity third-party link - Open-Source Template Engine
  • JDOM third-party link - Open-Source XML Toolkit
  • Jaxen third-party link - Open-Source XPath Engine

If you want to sponsor a talk or workshop in your own backyard, please contact me at I offer reasonable rates.

Who is this guy? - About Gerald Bauer

I hold a Master's Degree in social and economic sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration third-party link, Austria and was choosen for the International Management Program at New York University's Stern Business School third-party link. (I'm also a Sun certified Java Programmer and Developer since 1998. I know, answering 60 multiple choice questions doesn't prove much, but getting certified back in 1998 probably does.)

I have a proven track record of creating highly-innovative solutions that work in mission critical, day-to-day production systems and deliver superior business value. To back-up my claim, here are some examples from my early days:

  • In 1994 I created WQL (Word SQL), an extensible, embeddable template engine for an Austrian research grant institution similar to Apache Texen third-party link or Active Server Pages (if Apache Texen doesn't ring a bell).
  • In 1995 I created EttiML, a markup-language for labels for Austria's largest lingerie retailer and manufacturer that features layout managers that are far superior to what Java AWT/Swing offers today.

Over the years companies and institutions I worked for or adviced include: Siemens third-party link third-party link third-party link, French Embassy, SDS third-party link, Palmers third-party link (Austria), Merrin Financial (USA), Sigma Systems third-party link, Sitraka third-party link (Canada)

More recently, I open sourced Rachel third-party link (Resource Loading Toolkit for Web Start/JNLP) and Luxor third-party link (Java XML User Interface Toolkit). I also started and maintain the Unofficial Web Start/JNLP FAQ and develop the Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) for Web Start/JNLP tool suite.

All the tools to deliver rich, cross-plattform, zero-admin desktop apps built on open standards today Logo
Send your comments, suggestions or praise to Copyright © 2001, 2002 Gerald Bauer