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vampget - Java Web Start App Grabber

Download vampget - Java Web Start App Grabber Now download link

What is vampget?

vampget is a command line tool that allows you to download JNLP software and package it into relocatable Web Archives or CD installers with a built-in web server. You can drop the relocatable Web Archives in your personal web server for offline application launching, for example.

You can also feed HTML pages to vampget, vampget will then create a relocatable Web Archive for every single JNLP link in the page.

If they JNLP software is packaged in a Web Archive, vampget will automatically change the value of jnlp.codebase to $$codebase and jnlp.href to $$name and vampget will also include Sun's jnlp-servlet so that $$codebase and $$name will have the correct values once you drop the Web Archive in a web server.

Note, that with the exception of the bulk JNLP download using HTML pages everything is also available in the Venus Application Publisher GUI tool.

Command Line Quick Reference
Usage:  vampget [options] URL [filename]
Argument Description
<URL> URL for JNLP descriptor or HTML page containing links to JNLP descriptors
<filename> filename for web archive/CD installer (JNLP descriptor name is used by default)

Option Description
-i create a CD installer instead of a Web Archive
-t display JNLP descriptor links in HTML pages only; don't download them
-h help (show help page)

Note, that if you supply a HTML page to vampget you cannot change the name for the Web Archives or switch to creating tons of CD installers instead of relocatable Web Archives.


get notepad package and create a web archive named notepad.war


get notepad package and create a web archive named notepad-3.14.war

vampget notepad-3.14.war

get notepad package and create a CD installer named notepad.jar

vampget -i

get all packages referenced in index.html and store them in individual relocatable Web Archives


print all JNLP descriptors referenced in index.html to the console

vampget -t

vampget won't automatically download extensions referenced inside JNLP descriptors. However, you can supply JNLP descriptors for extensions to vampget and vampget will download them.

Note, that the HTML parser used by vampget doesn't interpret JavaScript and it will, therefore, miss out on JNLP links that are dynamically created using JavaScript. This is a bad practice anyway and should be discouraged.

Note, that links in HTML pages that don't end in JNLP will be ignored. (jnlp is fine and so is jnLP). However, you can download JNLP descriptors served up by cgi-scripts by feeding them to vampget individually.

Tips and Tricks

You can create your own simple HTML page including all JNLP descriptors you want to download. Example:

      <title>Bulk JNLP Application Download Example</title>
      <h1>Come and Get Me</h1>
        <a href="">Rainmaker</a>
        <a href="">Skiing Simulator</a>
        <a href="">Techno Remixer</a>

If you feed this page to vampget, vampget will spit out a relocatable Web Archive for every JNLP link in the HTML page. For the HTML page above this would be:


vampget is packaged as a single jar that includes all required third party libraries such as Apache Crimson, Sun Jaxp, Apache log4j, GNU getopt, JDOM and more.

Once you have downloaded vamp.jar download link you can start vampget on the command line by typing:

java -cp vamp.jar vampget

Note, that vampget will expire on March, 31st, 2002.


All the tools to deliver rich, cross-plattform, zero-admin desktop apps built on open standards today Logo
Send your comments, suggestions or praise to Copyright © 2001, 2002 Gerald Bauer