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Winter 2002/2003 - Vamp Goes Gold, Free Web Start Talk, Vamp Web Start App CD Distribution, Beatrice, OpenJNLP Web Start Cache Engine Plug-In


  • Q4 2002 - Release of Beatrice - Byte Code Compliance Checker for JNLP (Beta)
  • Q4 2002 - Release of Lisa - Open Source App Shell and Logging Toolkit for JNLP (Beta)
  • Q4 2002 - Donation of Web Start-Compatible Open-Source Cache Engine Plug-In to OpenJNLP - Take Your Web Start cache home, copy it on CD, share it with a friend and run all apps using OpenJNLP third-party link, a free, open-source Web Start clone in 100 % Java
  • Q4 2002 - Release of Venus Application Publisher 2003 - Vamp Goes Gold
  • Q4 2002 - Vamp Web Start App CD Distribution, Spring 2003 Edition Goes On Sale - Hundreds of Web Start Apps On CD For Easy Offline Installation Plus the Latest Vamp Tool Collection, Apache Tomcat, OpenJNLP, NetX, Sun Web Start And More For Less Than US $50.

Tuesday, January 15th, 2002 - - Java User Group Austria talk entitled Web Start Overview: Java's Comeback On The Desktop.

Thanks to everyone for showing up. See you next year.

Fall 2001 - Alice, Pam, Jess, Luxor, and more

Team Up

I'm looking for partners in Austria, Germany or Switzerland. If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail at to discuss further details.


  • Q4 2001 - I will open-soure Luxor under the GNU General Public License (GPL) at Luxor is a production-quality XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit in Java. Luxor is the foundation of all Vamp desktop apps. - Yes, Delivered As Promised, See Yourself third-party link
  • Q4 2001 - Release of Alice - App Central for JNLP (Beta) - Yes, Delivered As Promised, See Yourself
  • Q4 2001 - Release of Pam - Package Manager for JNLP (Beta) - Yes, Delivered As Promised, See Yourself
  • Q4 2001 - Release of Jess - Single Jar, Self-Executing CD Installer for Web Start (Beta) - Yes, Delivered As Promised, See Yourself
Past Events

Wednesday, 17th, October 2001 - Java User Group Austria talk entitled Beyond HTML and Swing: Building Rich, Cross Platform, Zero-Admin Desktop Apps On Open Standard Today.

Thanks to everyone for showing up. See you next year.

Sponsor A Talk in Your Own Backyard

If you want to sponsor a talk in Austria, Germany or Switzerland, this is your chance as I will reside in good old Europe from mid-September to the beginning of February 2002 before I return to the new world. Please contact me per e-mail at to discuss further details.

If you want to sponsor a talk in the Tschech Republic, Hungary, Poland or elsewhere, you are more than welcome. Note, however, that I can't speak your native language and, therefore, have to fall back on the lingua franca English.

March 2001 - I started working full-time to deliver on JNLP/Web Start's promise. (Yes, I'm a professional. Yes, that's what I do for a living.)

About the Author

Gerald Bauer is an independent Java, XML and Web consultant and open-source advocate proficient in C#.

He has a proofen track record of creating highly-innovative solutions that work in mission critical, day-to-day production systems and deliver superior business value. Early examples are WQL (Word SQL), an extensible, embeddable template engine, created in 1994 or EttiML, a markup language for labels, created in 1995 that features layout managers superior to what Java AWT/Swing offers today.

More recently, Gerald open sourced Rachel (Resource Loading Toolkit for Web Start/JNLP) and Luxor (Java XML User Interface Toolkit). He also started and maintains the Unofficial Java Web Start/JNLP FAQ and develops the Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) for Java Web Start/JNLP tool collection.

He holds a Master's Degree in social and economic sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria and was choosen for the International Management Program at New York University's Stern Business School.

Gerald enjoys traveling and just recently returned from his trip from Newfoundland. He eats, works and sleeps in Toronto, Ontario.

Venus Application Publisher Propaganda

Vamp - Venus Application Publisher for JNLP

Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) is a user-friendly tool that helps you package, sign and publish Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) software.

Rachel - Resource Loading Toolkit for JNLP

Rachel is Vamp's open source resource loading toolkit for Web Start/JNLP that makes resource loading easy again. There is no need to use low-level, sub-atomic, complex ClassLoader.getResource calls. Instead, Rachel offers two solutions that allow you to use Java's standard class to retrieve resources from jars.

Vanessa - Multi-Schema Validator for JNLP

Vanessa is Vamp's multi schema validator for JNLP. Vanessa loads your JNLP file, checks if it is well-formed, validates it against built-in DTD and W3C XML schemas and collects all warnings and errors. Vanessa also creates a tree structure view from your JNLP file.

Hazel - JNLP to HTML converter (jnlp2html)

Hazel is Vamp's JNLP to HTML converter. Hazel extracts all JNLP links from an HTML document and creates an informative, neat looking HTML document listing all JNLP applications along with their vendor, version, description, homepage and more.

Clare - Cache Explorer for Web Start

Clare is Vamp's Cache Explorer for Web Start. Clare lets you explore Web Start's cache by giving you a natural view of the Web Start cache.

Angela - App Grabber for JNLP (vampget)

vampget is a command line tool that allows you to download JNLP software and package it into relocatable Web Archives (.war) or CD installers with a built-in web server. You can drop the relocatable Web Archives in your personal web server for offline application launching.

Serena - Ant Task Suite for JNLP

Serena is Vamp's Ant Task Suite for JNLP that allows you to fully automate your build including signing and packaging your apps into relocatable Web Archives (.war) that you can drop at your web server for single-click launching using Web Start.

Celia - Cache Utility for Web Start

Celia allows you to install packages to your Web Start app cache without downloading them from the original web site. You can package apps you wish to install in jars and feed them to Celia. Celia will honor whatever codebase you specify in the JNLP startup file and install all necessary files as if they were downloaded by Web Start itself from the original web site.

Clio - CD App Installer for JNLP

Clio is Vamp's CD App Installer for JNLP. Clio lets you build single-jar offline installers that serve your apps through a built-in, multi-threaded, light-weight web server to Web Start.

For More Info Visit Venus Application Publisher's HQ @

All the tools to deliver rich, cross-plattform, zero-admin desktop apps built on open standards today Logo
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