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Biological Dental Clinic

Biological dentistry originates from a school of dentistry that focuses on holistic treatment for patients. Sometimes referred to as holistic dentistry; this branch of dentistry encompasses a person’s overall health including physical, mental and emotional side of the body.  Holistic dentistry gives a genuine reflection of a person’s health taking into account other health and lifestyle aspects like nutrition and exercise. Holistic treatments are not limited to the oral cavity but also involve other parts of the body.

Why holistic dentistry?

Traditionally general dentists usually treat cavities, gum diseases and perform other oral restoration procedures.  Offering biological dental treatments to patients goes beyond traditional methods ensuring top quality service is delivered. It also ensures the outmost care is taken for a patients well-being. As a means of diagnosis, holistic treatments employ the least harmful materials. This includes reducing exposure to harmful radiation for X-rays, use of non-toxic materials and operating in a clean sterile environment free from bacteria.

Areas of Interest

Holistic dentistry mainly focuses on non-toxic treatment methods. Studies have shown that in some instances traces of mercury have been found present in silver fillings known as amalgams. Mercury is inherently a very poisonous substance. In fact there is no safe level of exposure since even a single atom of mercury is harmful to the human body.   

Exposure to this dangerous neurotoxin affects emotional, physical and psychological components of the human body.  Symptoms range from nausea, weight loss, dizziness, muscle cramps, lack of concentration, kidney problems, memory loss, mood swings and vision problems. Holistic dentists prefer the use of composites which are safer and do have any of the adverse effects of mercury. Holistic dentistry advocates for removal and replacement of silver fillings and many holistic dentists provide removal services.   

Holistic dentistry is against the use of fluoride particularly it’s assimilation into the human body. Fluoride like mercury has been proved to be harmful and toxic, even in trace doses.  Fluoride in water increases cavities and when this water is consumed by the human body it can lead to fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition that causes the hypomineralization (discoloration) of teeth during formation of permanent teeth in the early stages of childhood.

In place of fluoride tooth pastes some holistic dentists recommend topical fluoride. Other approaches include mixing baking soda with a pinch of salt as an alternative to tooth paste. Another natural tooth-cleaning method that could work is use of small portions of malic acid as a substitute for fluoride.

Another area of interest that biological dentistry takes concern is root canal therapy. Even though root canals are very popular tooth restorative procedures, the materials used in the procedure can be toxic to the human body. The use of chemicals in sterilization could have adverse long term effects on the body.

In Summary

Biological health clinics take into account the overall health. They advocate for use of natural non-toxic materials in dentistry. It is however important to note that most holistic therapies are often complementary in nature. They are often use in combination with traditional dentistry for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various dental ailments and diseases.


All the tools to deliver rich, cross-plattform, zero-admin desktop apps built on open standards today Logo
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