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Venus Application Publisher Headquaters - Vamp HQ

Beta 5 is now available for download.

Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) for JNLP

Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) is a user-friendly tool that helps you package, sign and publish Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) software.

Vamp includes a built-in web server that allows you to test your installation package with a single click without the hassle of setting up, configuring and launching a web server.

Rachel - Open-Source Resource Loading Toolkit for JNLP

Rachel is Vamp's open source resource loading toolkit for Web Start/JNLP that makes resource loading easy again. There is no need to use low-level, sub-atomic, complex ClassLoader.getResource calls. Instead, Rachel offers two solutions that allow you to use Java's standard class to retrieve resources from jars.

Vanessa - Multi-Schema Validator for JNLP

Vanessa is Vamp's multi-schema validator for JNLP. Vanessa loads your JNLP file, checks if it is well-formed, validates it against built-in DTD and W3C XML schemas and collects all warnings and errors. Vanessa also creates a tree structure view from your JNLP file.

Hazel - JNLP to HTML converter (jnlp2html)

Hazel is Vamp's JNLP to HTML converter. Hazel extracts all JNLP links from an HTML document and creates an informative, neat looking HTML document listing all JNLP applications along with their vendor, version, description, homepage and more.

Hazel comes with a built-in template, but also allows you to use your own templates. Hazel uses Apache Velocity as its template engine and, therefore, spares you from learning yet another proprietary template syntax.

Clare - Cache Explorer for Web Start

Clare is Vamps's Cache Explorer for Java Web Start. Clare lets you explore Java Web Start's cache by giving you a natural view of the Java Web Start cache. Clare untangles cache entries to restore their original name and displays timestamps, certificates and more in their natural form.

Angela - App Grabber for JNLP (vampget)

vampget is a command line tool that allows you to download JNLP apps and package them into relocatable Web Archives or CD installers with a built-in web server. You can drop the relocatable Web Archives in your personal web server for offline application launching, for example.

You can also feed HTML pages to vampget, vampget will then create a relocatable Web Archive for every single JNLP link in the page.

Serena - Ant Task Suite for JNLP

Serena is Vamp's Ant Task Suite for JNLP that allows you to fully automate your build including signing and packaging your apps into relocatable Web Archives that you can drop at your web server for single-click launching using Java Web Start.

VampWar creates a Web Archive for easy online deployment of Java apps and VampInstaller creates a single-jar, self-contained CD installer for easy offline deployment of Java apps.

Celia - Cache Utility for Web Start

Celia is Vamp's Cache Utitility for Java Web Start modeled after Red Hat's Package Manager. Celia allows you to install packages to your Java Web Start application cache without downloading them from the original web site. You can package applications you wish to install in jars and feed them to Celia. Celia will honor whatever codebase you specify in the JNLP launch descriptor and install all necessary files as if they were downloaded by Java Web Start itself from the original web site.

Celia also allows you to query the Java Web Start application cache. If you don't specify any search criteria, Celia will display all packages stored in the Java Web Start appliciation cache.

Clio - CD App Installer for JNLP

Clio is Vamp's CD App Installer for JNLP. Clio lets you build single-jar offline installers that serve your apps through a built-in, multi-threaded, ultra light-weight web server to Web Start.

Clio is designed as a small self-contained java app with no third-party library dependencies such as SAX 1 or 2 compliant xml parsers. Clio includes a tiny xml parser and runs in all classpath settings and spares you from jar hell.

Clio uses the user's computer name in the jnlp codebase instead of localhost or that only allow loopbacks. Clio patches the jnlp codebase in the jnlp file on-the-fly before it sends it off to Web Start to allow you to share the app with everyone.

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August 8, 2001 read more
Angela - App Grabber for JNLP (vampget) Beta 1
July 4, 2001 read more
Serena - Ant Task Suite for JNLP Beta 1
June 26, 2001 read more

All the tools to deliver rich, cross-plattform, zero-admin desktop apps built on open standards today Logo
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